Blue Sunflower

Blue Sunflower


This blue textile pysanka embroidery was inspired by the bravery and defiance of so many, and the international symbolism of a flower: chimalxochitl, girasol, sunflower, sunyashniki.   The origins of this flower can be traced to Mexico where it was domesticated as far back as 2600 BCE, and its original name chimalxochitl, means  “shield-flower” in Nahuatl.


This hand embroidered wall hanging in 4 inches tall and includes two opional thread hoops for hanging in a wall or as an ornament.

  • More about this handmade item

    The felt used to make this item is either standard crafting felt of acrylic fibers and /or 100% polyester fiber made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. A dark grey felt was used for the back.