Jackrabbit & Dillo

Jackrabbit & Dillo


As a member of the Native Plant Society of Texas, I recently discovered the name and history of the "rabbit tobacco" aka "sweet everlasting." Included among the folklore origins of the rabbit reference:  Native American elders noticed that the rabbits liked to gather where there was a lot of this plant growing "so they thought it must be their tobacco, their way of connecting to the Creator.”  


During an especially contentious first month of 2021, the hope for peace and communal harmony is what inspired this appliqué gathering of two different critters among the "rabbit tobacco" plants. ​​​ The dillo is standing on a textile rendition of a Texas "holey rock" also known as "honeycomb limestone" among the abundant limestone of the Texas Hill Country. This appliqué wall art is 4.5 inches tall. ​​​​

  • About this handmade item

    The felt used for this hand stitched art item is either standard crafting felt of acrylic fibers and /or 100% polyester fiber made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.

    Since this item was created as wall art or to be used as an ornament, only one side includes the embroidered appliqué.