Night Travelers

Night Travelers


Motivated by the recent invitation to “bordar contra la guerra” (embroider against the war) from the Chilean arpillera collective Memorarte - I created this humble textile variation of the pysanka, a Ukrainian Easter egg that is traditionally decorated with a variety of meaningful symbols.


The stag is a sun symbol. In ancient Ukrainian mythology, it was believed that the sun remained underground at night and that the stag carried it up into the heavens on it’s antlers every morning. Pysanky colors also have different meaning; black can represent “darkest time before dawn, eternity, respect for the dead.”  This hand embroidered wall hanging is 4 inches tall and includes two opional thread hoops for hanging in a wall or as an ornament. 

  • More about this handmade item

    The felt used to make this item is either standard crafting felt of acrylic fibers and /or 100% polyester fiber made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. A dark grey felt was used for the back.