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About Tejas Folk Arts 

Tejas Folk Arts is a Chicana handmade craft business based in Dripping

Springs. The inspiration for my work comes from the natural beauty of the

flora, fauna and Dark Sky of the Texas Hill Country, and the folk art traditions

of Latin America.   


I give thanks to mi madre and mis abuelas Tejanas for teaching me how

to embroider and sew, and for empowering me with their perseverance. 

Through Tejas Folk Arts I celebrate and honor the handmade tradition,

so 100% of Tejas Folk Arts items are made by me, one stitch, one engraving,

one paint stroke, or one pyrography (wood burning) at a time. 

My love of cacti, succulents, and agaves in particular - for their beauty and resilience - makes them my favorite art subjects. A special connection with las plantas, and memories of great grandmother Paulita's garden, also motivates my volunteer work as a member of the Native Plant Society of Texas and as coordinator of the Plants and People / Plantas y Gente native plant advocacy initiative. 

Laura E. Zárate

Con abuela "Nena"  en Brownsville, TX 1958.

Calaca_verde .006.jpg

Many examples of my work can be found on Instagram via

@tejas.folk.arts and with these hashtags:








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