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Sombrero Flower

Sombrero Flower


This handmade appliqué ornament or wall art includes a two images of the sturdy sombrero / 'Mexican hat' aka prairie coneflower that few have painted, and even less have created appliqué art of. With this item I am launching a new line Tejas Folk Arts wildflower ornaments.


While all of these have a diameter of 4 inches, no one ornament is alike. Each ornament includes two hand-stitched flowers with slight variations in the embroidery.

  • About this item

    Since this hand-stitched item is meant to be hung, the design is visible on one side. An image of the color of the felt used for the back is available above.

    The felt used for these hand stitched items is either standard crafting felt of acrylic fibers and /or 100% polyester fiber made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.

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