Tejas Wildflower Peeps

Tejas Wildflower Peeps


Lavender, the prairie coneflower or Mexican hat flower, and the bluebonnet or conejo flower, are now featured flowers in these original Tejas Folk Arts wildflower peeps. Each textile peep is about 4.5 inches tall, and is handmade in Dripping Springs, Texas from start to finish (cut, embroidered, filled, and stitched together).

If ordering more than one wildflower peep - please leave a message on this website or email tejasfolkarts@gmail.com to indicate which embroidered flowers you prefer, and to receive your discount code  PRIOR to placing your order.

  • About this handmade item

    The felt used for these hand stitched items is either standard crafting felt of acrylic fibers and /or 100% polyester fiber made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.